From: Gary Novak
To: James White
Subject: Re: Letters to a Mormon Elder: Book 2
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 7:33 AM

"Dr." White:

First you castigate me for failing to ask questions, then you refuse to answer questions. I now find myself asking "why?" At least some of my questions you could have answered with a simple yes or no.

I am also wondering why exactly, you feel the need to throw insults around and then play the victim. You began this correspondence with ugly charges about my honesty and integrity. The issue I wish to discuss is your degree. Now it turns out that you do not want to discuss that degree. Please note that my last missive dropped all the language that you seemed to find offensive. This is your opportunity to show that you are indeed morally serious about engaging LDS scholars in dialogue. Really, you will not find anyone better than Drs. Peterson, Hamblin and Midgley with which to discuss real issues. And I assure you that I, for one, am willing to engage you on the issue of your degree.

Think it all over carefully before you declare yourself the victor in another debate.


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