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(Arranged Chronologically - Items are linked to locations in web page)


17 Dec 2000 - Added page for Charles Larson in Critics Corner

16 Dec 2000 - Modified Home page and added a Resources page (eliminating the Topics page).

11 Dec 2000 - Added page for Weldon Langfield in Critics Corner.

6 Dec 2000 - Added Update Notification page.

29 Nov 2000 - Added correspondence between John A. Tvedtnes (FARMS) and Rev. Dennis A. Wright regarding Dr. Thomas Key's book, A Biologist Examines the Book of Mormon (referring Rev. Wright to the spoof John T. wrote of the Dr. Key's book).

28 Nov 2000 - Added An Early Incident in SHIELDS History (related to the former UMI Directors)

26 Nov 2000 - Added a link to Zion's Lighthouse (a new LDS apologetics discussion board) on our Web Links page.

19 Nov 2000 - Added 2000 Philastus Hurlbut Award page

19 Nov 2000 - Added a new photo of Dr. Daniel C. Peterson which makes fun of him.

14 Nov 2000 - Added response to Question 18 of the 42 Questions, by Malin Jacobs

13 Nov 2000 - SHIELDS welcomes the addition of the Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web, donated to us by Gary Novak (Linked to on our Home page from the Feature Pages area) when he closed down his site.

12 Nov 2000 - Added a note to our Home page regarding the lawsuit by Rev. Kurt Van Gorden

1 Aug 2000 - Added two new nominations for the 2000 Doctor Philastus Hurlbut Award (Nomintation 5 & Nomination 6) and opened voting.

1 Aug 2000 - Added 1999 Doctor Philastus Hurlbut Award Winner page w/link to certificate.

17 Jul 2000 Added Correspondence between Mark Ellison and Sandra Tanner re: Chapter 12 of Mormonism: Shadow or Reality?

6 Mar 2000 Added Observations about The Evangel (UMI) by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson

6 Mar 2000 Added plea for financial help for 2000 on Home page.

25 Jan 2000 Added Fun, Fun, Fun to KRHR Radio's General page  (please first see our warning on Humor page)

24 Jan 2000 Added Mormon Chain Letter to Jokes page  (please first see our warning on Humor page)

24 Jan 2000 Added announcements about events at BYU to News & Events.

24 Jan 2000 Added announcement about Rev. John L. Smith's retirement to News & Events.

15 Jan 2000 Added The Trinity to our Jokes page (please first see our warning on Humor page)

13 Jan 2000 Added Are the Jaredites an Extinct People? by Pres. A. W. Ivins

13 Jan 2000 Added Doctrinal Standard of the LDS Church to General

10 Jan 2000 Added photo of Richard "Dick" Baer

9 Jan 2000 Added Blood Atonement by Elder Bruce R. McConkie to General

9 Jan 2000 Archived 1999 New Items