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Nomination # 1 (by the guys at SHIELDS)

Nomination person: Harrison, G.T.


    G. T. Harrison, Mormons are Peculiar People, (New York, Vantage Press, Inc.,:1954): 12-13.

By the time Joseph was eighteen he still had not mastered his sexual weakness, or as he himself later termed it, "weakness of youth and the foibles of human nature."   When he got to the nearby villages and saw lovely girls, his heart would beat unusually fast and his blood pressure would rise with his contemplations.  At such times he forgot all about religion and his otherwise pious teachings and leanings.   It was an appetite of youth and nature that he could not deny.  Years later he was known to have said:

     I do not, nor never have, pretended to be any other than a man subject to passion. (History of the Church, Vol. I, p. 10.)