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In 1998 James White received his Th.D. from an unaccredited correspondence school in Washington.  As James anticipated, the source of his degree and the efforts expended to obtain it have come under criticism (see James' web site article dealing with his degree -- written before there was any criticism).  Gary Novak investigated this school and has created an area on his "Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web" web site dealing with James' school and degree (Mr. Novak's web site has now been turned over to SHIELDS and is a subset thereof).  "Dr." White is unhappy with Mr. Novak's treatment of both the school and James efforts to obtain this degree.  In correspondence with Mr. Novak, Mr. White complains that Mr. Novak didn't write to him before making his observations on his web site; creating what James erroneously calls Mr. Novak's ad hominem attack.  Interesting correspondence ensued, including a request by "Dr." White asking SHIELDS (through Malin Jacobs) to change the label from "correspondence school" to a "mentoring school."

We present the following in an effort to help the investigator find the truth about "Dr." White's credentials and the work he did to obtain a degree.

Novak - White Correspondence

Jacobs - White Correspondence

Midgley - White Correspondence

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