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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

Normally, I keep all of the Worst on this page. But since this edition of the Worst consists of a rather lengthy examination of James White's doctorate I have thought it best to include on a page of it's own. After you read about James White's degree, you may be interested in knowing what goes into getting a real advanced degree.

I insert this paragraph at the request of "Dr." James White. It seems that he lacks confidence that readers of the "Worst" are able to figure out where one website starts and another ends. Just so there is no mistake, "Dr." James White and his Alpha and Omega Ministry are not associated with the dreadful "Cults of Christianity" website below. (Will I now hear from "Dr." White with an offer to change something on his website that is or may be misleading? Probably not.)

Granted that the James White stuff is dull, but you have to smile at those loveable anti-Mormons and their bogus degrees. I am often (okay, seldom) accused of mocking anti-Mormon sites, but not responding to them. So I will now respond in detail to this site—a wonderful example, by the way, of what I am now calling Novak's Syndrome, but what used to be Novak's Rule—but not in too much detail—there are just too many things wrong. First, I provide the URL, then a few of my own comments and finally a brief note that Daniel Peterson sent to the author. First, the link: Cults of Christianity.

  1. The errors and misrepresentations begin right in the first item. "Founded in Palmyra," Gracie? Anyone ever heard of Fayette?

  2. There are numerous problems in the "Bible" paragraphs. Actually Latter-day Saints use the King James version of the Bible. And "Dr." Dominguez is wildly off in the number of verses that Joseph Smith revised in what we now call the Joseph Smith Translation. Only 125 verses in the New Testament? This number is so low that one wonders if he has actually seen a genuine copy of the JST.

  3. No other Christian denomination considers "Mormons" Christian? None? Anywhere? Oh the ease of argument by assertion.

  4. He asserts—again incorrectly—that only men can become gods, not women. Three words: just plain nuts.

  5. Do Latter-day Saints really have the highest rate of divorces, suicides and mental problems in the nation? Why would anyone stay? More bald, erroneous assertion.

  6. The Book of Mormon was dictated during a period of four years? Really, where does he get this stuff?

  7. Rats! Joseph did not even bother to show his wives (no this is not a typo) the golden plates. Does anyone sense the problem with this assertion?

  8. There are plenty of Book of Mormon problems. Does the Book of Mormon really tell the history of a lost tribe of Israelites? Did Lehi really have but two sons? Did Mormon really institute the ordinances of baptism, communion and priesthood? Was it really published in 1830 with the subtitle, "Another Testament of Jesus Christ?" Has "Dr." Dominguez actually seen a copy of the Book of Mormon?

  9. Does any Latter-day Saint anywhere really consider the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price to be superior to the Bible?

  10. Finally we learn that Joseph "taught that [Blacks] were the defendants of Cain." Really? How dare they "defend" Cain. (I know he really means "descendant" but where does he get this stuff?)

  11. Notice any wild inaccuracies about the number of missionaries or converts? Never mind, it is okay because, after all, Latter-day Saints are as deceived as "Communists" (no, I do not know why it is capitalized). You can tell that the analogy is a good one because everything is free on Temple Square. Ah ha! Communists like free things.

There is much, much more but I do not want to raise your blood pressure too much or reduce you to a helpless mass of laughter on the floor. And be sure to read Dan Peterson's email to "Dr." Dominguez.