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Infrequently Asked Questions about Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web

Sure, it looks like shadow boxing, but all of these questions have been asked at one time or another. Please don't be offended if I fail to answer your email. I try to answer them all, but some of them fall through the cracks; others have faulty return email addresses. If you think that I have ignored you, please write again. And keep in mind I take care of such things at my own leisure and at my own pace.

Please note that the sites I link to are not my sites. They are the worst of the anti-Mormon web. I don't make it up, I just link to it.

Q: How much mail runs for your site, how much runs against?

A: The Worst generates almost no mail. And most of the folks who write to me are confused by what they are viewing. I have never had any hate mail or any threats. With only a few exceptions, everyone seems to like the site.

Q: So if I am confused by what is going on, will you kindly explain?

A: If you are looking for answers to anti-Mormon claims, you will not find them here. I am not interested in answering anti-Mormon claims in this forum. I have done so and will probably continue to do so in other forums. Those who are looking for answers should visit and carefully peruse FARMS Online, especially the Book of Mormon criticism page and FARMS Review of Books. Also, I highly recommend SHIELDS and Mormonism Researched. Other excellent sites are reviewed and listed in Gregory Taggart's "Mormonism on the Internet" in FARMS Review of Books.

By the same token, if you somehow noticed the word "anti-Mormon" prominently displayed and were hoping for another site that would help you fashion a stick with which to beat the Church, you came to the wrong place. The Worst is intended to mock the worst of the anti-Mormon sites. Let me emphasize and put this in plain English: I am not an anti-Mormon and this is not an anti-Mormon site.

Q: I used to be a Latter-day Saint, but A) someone was mean to me, B) I took offense at something someone said or did, C) I didn't get everything that I thought I had coming to me or D) I just couldn't buy into it anymore so I got out of the Church. How can you possibly defend that institution?

A: I am sorry that you have got yourself out of the Church. I am just a little curious about why you are surfing Mormon and/or anti-Mormon sites? In any case, I hope you realize that the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's prophetic claims do not depend on some Church member being nice to you or giving you all the credit you think deserve or even helping you in your time of need. The Church is made up of individuals who are struggling to overcome their sins and who are in constant need of repentance from the bottom to the top. This is not exactly news. It is still not too late for you to repent and rejoin the fold and once again "feel to sing the song of redeeming love." If the Book of Mormon is what Joseph claimed it is and the gospel is restored, then the rest of our petty squabbles, our pride, follies and sins are more or less unimportant and hopefully we can learn to forgive others as they learn to forgive us. And if you have latched onto some anti-Mormon argument as a form of self-justification so that you can enjoy the California Fun Culture or worse, it is still not too late to repent and rejoin the fold—if you can be honest with yourself about the matter for a few minutes. It is, after all, always a choice between Jerusalem and Athens, Zion and Babylon.

Q: I am looking for a definitive argument to prove to my misguided LDS friends that Mormonism is completely false.

A: You really should have figured this out from reading the stuff above. Once again, there simply are no arguments that will "prove" that the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are "completely false."

Q: Boy you are mean. How can you be so mean? You think you are clever but it comes off as really mean-spirited.

A: First, lighten up. The Worst is intended to poke fun at anti-Mormon sites. If you are not one of the cognoscenti of the dark world (and, I might add, soft underbelly) of anti-Mormonism, this site may come as something of a shock. Rest assured folks like Ed Decker, John L. Smith, Ankerberg and Weldon among a host of others, make their living persecuting the Saints—it is what they do and is a full-time job. And if you think that they are willing to cut us the least bit of slack and "live and let live," you are likely to be mistaken. So the truth of the matter is that I do not take them very seriously. They are funny. I merely point it out.

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