From: Gary Novak
To: James White
Subject: Re: New FRB & RBBM
Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 10:31 PM

Mr. White:

You were the one who suggested that if I had only written to you before posting my webpage that you could have easily cleared up any misconceptions. For what it is worth, it seems odd that you now want to add conditions to your answering of my honest questions. From my point of view, I am only doing what you suggested I should have done in the first place. You seemed to imply that if I had only asked, you would have answered. Am I incorrect about this? If honesty and integrity demand that I ask before I post, they would also seem to demand that you answer (and answer without demanding conditions). And my offer to correct anything on the "Worst" about which I have been wrong still stands (in spite of your very interesting reponse).

FYI, my degree was completed before the advent of CD ROM technology. Hence I did not use any software to access TLG. Back then, the first 286 was still a dream.

Which volumes of the RBBM/FRB or JBMS do you own?

I do not believe that I asked about "attending" lectures. For what it is worth, I know of many ways of delivering lectures in a distance format. What I asked about was the "system" of lectures.


"I've had a wonderful evening, but this wasn't it."
Groucho Marx

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