From: Gary Novak
To: James White
Subject: Re: Greetings/Questions
Date: Friday, October 16, 1998 5:04 PM

"Dr." White:

How nice that someone finally pointed you my way. I have watched with interest your correspondence with Drs. Peterson, Hamblin and Midgley and Stan Barker and perhaps others. So I know a little bit about you. I am associated with a little listserv with which you may be familiar. It goes by the name of SKINNY.

Why would I need to question you about your credentials via email? You have it all there on you webpage. And why would it be "unthinkable" to respond to your webpage without contacting you? This looks like more of the kind of accusations you leveled at Ara Norwood on your website ("A Study in FARMS Behavior" I think it is called). If I may be permitted to speculate where speculation is clearly uncalled for, I suppose I will now be hearing how my manners are bad.

Please let us now hear about how everything is a personal cheap shot directed at you. What I am claiming on my website is quite simple--your degree was granted from an institution that is not quite up to snuff. Good luck in your response.

Feel free to peruse your vast collection of FARMS REVIEW OF BOOKS or BYU STUDIES if you cannot find hide nor hair of me. I have to admit that I find your career as an anti-Mormon to be somewhat less than interesting and I am unlikely to ever say a word about you in print. There are a few sections of your website, however, that may find their way to the "Worst."

Speaking of the "Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web," I often highlight more than one site at a time. If you had been but two weeks earlier, you could have seen the page with the CES stuff exclusively. So please do not think that I am attempting to associate you with that other dreadful anti-Mormon site.

You may now attack me.


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