From: James White
Subject: Greetings/Questions
Date: Friday, October 16, 1998 1:27 PM

Greetings Mr. Novak!

I had the wonderful pleasure of encountering your web site today, and your kind comments upon me and my work at CES. I have a few questions if I might:

I did a full search of my outgoing mail since April of this year, and for some reason, could not find the keyword "Novak" in any of it. Now, I've had one incident of a virus destroying my hd, and one bad CPU this year, so it is quite possible that I lost the relevant e-mail. But, could you let me know when you contacted me to ask me about my credentials? I mean, it would be unthinkable for someone to post something like you have on your page without asking *me* about your allegations. Such would be the yellowest of yellow journalism, and would tremendously damage your credibility. So, could you send me the e-mail where you inquired concerning the issues you raise on your web page? I seem to have misplaced it, and I surely have no recollection of it. And if I replied, do you still have my response?

Your page is a little confusing. The way you have written your main page article makes it look like your responses to the "cults of Christianity" page are actually responses to me. Could you please clarify the difference between that and your assertion of my "bogus degree"? I'd appreciate it.

I'll be posting a response to your page very soon. I'll make sure to let you know when it is up. Before then, would you be so kind, please, as to list for me 1) which of my books you have read and own, 2) which of my debates you have listened to or watched, and 3) which of my published articles you have read. And, could you forward to me any meaningful rebuttal/interaction you have written to any of these materials? I have to a honestly admit that I've never heard of you, and it would help me to provide a meaningful response to be able to credit you with the quality of your work. I mean, again, no one would ever take the kind of personal shots you have at me without having done their real homework! I'm sure you've been quite thorough, so I look forward to your written responses.

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