From: Gary Novak
To: James White
Subject: Re: Letters to a Mormon Elder: Book 2
Date: Monday, October 19, 1998 9:24 PM

Mr. White:

You seem to indicate in at least one of your earlier correspondence, a willingness to answer questions about your degree. Please note that I am asking you to do just that and that I am willing change anything that I have got wrong on my website.

For convenience, I will number my questions and will attempt to keep them to a simply yes/no kind of format in deference to your time. Of course I am not demanding simple yes/no answers. Feel free to explain anything you think requires an explanation.

1. In your "About James White" on your website (") you indicate that THE KING JAMES ONLY CONTROVERSY came out of notes you created for debates. In your "Of Doctorates and Eternity" (") you seem to indicate that THE KING JAMES ONLY was written before you began your studies at CES (p. 3 on my printout--". . . I should try to find someone to accept that book as my dissertation and be done with it.") Now your Masters Thesis from CES carries the title "The King James Only Controversy." Was this book begun (or completed, for that matter) before you began work on you degree from CES (Faraston)?

2. While attending CES (Faraston), did you take courses from anyone other than Rick Walston?

3. Who, besides Rick Walston, was on your dissertation committee?

4. The CES Catalog (number 9 in my possession, number 10 in Ara Norwood's possession) lists you as "James R. White, Th.M" at the beginning of your bio (p. 59). However, the second to the last paragraph reads, "He has earned the Th.M. and Th.D. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary." I received my catalog (number 9) in July, 1998; Ara received his in April, 1998. It is a bit unusual to be listed as receiving a degree before it is actually awarded. Any comments about this anomaly?

5. In your "About James White," you list yourself as "Professor of Apologetics" at CES. At normal universities, the process for obtaining the title, "professor," is a long one and usually requires years. Is it normal for CES to promote new faculty to the rank of professor? Does anyone teach there who is an adjunct or associate professor?

6. How precisely does the mentoring system work? Did you correspond by email, U.S. mail or by some other system? How exactly were exams administered and proctored?

7. Were you required to take a comprehensive examination? If so, would you be willing to reproduce the reading list?

8. During my visit, I had the opportunity to take a look at your thesis, but your dissertation was not available. My visit took place some two months after your degree was awarded (May 18, 1998 accord[ing] to "About James R. White"). I am curious as to where it may have been.

Of course I would greatly appreciate any further information you would care to supply.


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