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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

Today's Worst comes from a mysterious anti-Mormon with the moniker, "Dr. Shades." I have no idea why he does not use his real name. After reading his webpages I am tempted to ask, "what is he trying to hide?"

So here is "Dr. Shades" entertaining commentary on the Priesthood and Relief Society Manual. Allow me the indulgence of responding to his criticism, point by point.

  1. No, the words have not been changed. In fact, the manual is making exactly the opposite point of that of "Dr. Shades": the text is indeed reliable and accurate. To answer the good doctor's rhetorical question, there is nothing to hide.
  2. A cursory glance at almost any page will reveal that most of the quotations come from the Journal of Discourses and Discourses of Brigham Young. For example, when I turned randomly to page 105, all of the quotations came from Discourses of Brigham Young. Both of these items are still in print and are easily available from Deseret Book and many other LDS booksellers and both are available on CD ROM. How come "Dr. Shades" does not know this? I happen to own both. However, it should be obvious to even "Dr. Shades", if he had taken the time to read something from the manual, that teaching a priesthood or relief society lesson does not require the full source. The quotations from the manual are extensive and seldom contain ellipses. Again, to answer the good doctor's rhetorical question, there is nothing to hide.

Finally, you take an evangelical anti-Mormon site and republish some old, ill-informed and out-of-date anti-Mormon materials and you get The Fundamentals - Volume 4 Mormonism: Its Origin, Characteristics, and Doctrines. And what does this fine publication have to offer? Why nothing other than Hurlbut, Howe and the Spalding theory. Now that is funny.

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to "Have You Considered This? What you need to consider is their alternative to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will need to scroll to near the bottom (to the section titled, "An Immediate Opportunity"), but you too can discover quick and easy salvation in Cheap Grace. Can anyone say, "Lord, Lord?"