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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

The inimitable Kristi is at it again. Further demonstrating her remarkable reasoning powers, she has now constructed a website to pick on poor Dan Peterson and your humble correspondent.

  • Kristi's The Anti-Novak & Peterson Page. Whatever you do, never forget that Kristi is not anti-Mormon. That would be bad manners on your part. And stop thinking about irony. I know you are thinking about irony.

  • Daniel Peterson: Psychopathic, Obsessed Troll. Ah, the charm, the grace, the refined argumentation. Everything on this page screams culture and breeding.

  • I don't want to brag, but Dan rated but one page in Kristi's demonology. Here is Page ONE: Novak: Rude, Hateful, Bitter Troll. Yep, "rude" and "hateful." I am well-known for hate and rudeness, especially in my family, work and church. No name-calling here.

  • Page TWO: Gary Novak: Rude, Bitter, Hateful Troll. This one is even better.

  • And finally, because Kristi is not an anti-Mormon, she has created Trolling For Trolls: Mormon Trolls Who Deserve Honorable Mention. I am pleased that Kristi just loves Ed Decker. Kristi does not seem to know that D. Michael Quinn is now the darling of the evangelical anti-Mormon crowd. And I am now confident that Kristi must be from somewhere in England where they drop the "h." I am pretty sure that "William J. Amblin" is none other than William J. Hamblin--known to his friends and wife as "Bill." After all, "in Hartford, Herringford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen." For the record, Bill is not only a Mr.—with or without the quotation marks—he also has a doctorate from an accredited university. Alas, his degree is not in theology, however.

And finally, Joseph Smith AND MORMONISM GOD'S INSTITUTION OR SATAN'S INSTRUMENT? I have left the oddball punctuation and capitalization for your enjoyment. There is a lot wrong with the page and it would be tedious to point out all of the problems (for instance, there is simply nothing grammatically wrong with "a journeying" or "a preaching" in the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon—this is simply English that has fallen from common use). Mike Parker attempted to reason with the author of the page, pointing out that some of the bad English he criticized in the Book of Mormon is actually a quotation from the Bible. That point, unsurprisingly, was lost on the author of the page. For your enjoyment, I reproduce Mike's correspondence here.