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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

To start out 1998 you probably need a belly laugh—something to bring tears to your eyes; something that will leave you chortling to yourself for the next few days. The first Worst site of 1998 was submitted by the Meanest Man in Mormondom himself: Louis Midgley, AKA Lou the Mean. And this site from Australia is bad. To be this wrong about so many things requires ignorance of a particularly low order. This ignorance is so vast that it can only be intentional. The site's creator can only be described as "the fasting hermit and very saint of ignorance," to borrow a phrase from Garry Wills.

Yes, this site is titled "Facts About the Latter-Day Saints." It is absolutely filled with non-sense and non-facts. How many can you find? If you don't want to read the whole thing, scroll to the bottom where you can find these gems (among others):

  • Only Mormons will go to Heaven.
  • Joseph Smith is the true Messiah - Jesus was his forerunner.
  • A person can earn his own salvation by good works.

And what is that little guy shovelling at the top of the page anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and don't try to write to them to explain what might be wrong with the site. After all, you probably belong to some horrible cult like "Mormonism" and hence don't want to know the truth.

And finally!

The Worst Anti-Mormon Sites of 1997

The votes have been counted and the voice of the people heard. And so, without further ado, the Worst is ashamed and embarrassed to present the five worst anti-Mormon sites of 1997:

Number 5: Difficult Questions for Mormons featuring a "close up of the golden Nephi plates." This site illustrates, as indeed all of these sites do, Novak's Rule Number 1 of Becoming an Anti-Mormon: expect your IQ to drop at least 85 points.

Number 4: Three Wishes. Yes, a spite-filled and uncalled for page if ever there was one.

Number 3 and 2: A tie between Why We Must Reject Mormonism and Moroni the Alien. I have to admit that, in ranking low things, it is indeed difficult to choose between these two incredibly bad sites. A friend recently attempted to correspond with the author of "Moroni." If I can get permission, I will post that here for your entertainment.

And the Worst site of 1997, chosen almost unanimously: Mormonism: Sewer of the Universe. Need a laugh at the expense of one who is bigoted and biased? This is the place.