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Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web appears occassionally—that is, whenever I feel like it. Anything regular was just a bit too much work and hence simply does not agree with my fundamental constitution.

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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

"Ah ha!" my reader exclaims, "something new!" Yes, the sewer of anti-Mormonism appears to know no limits. So please feel free to puruse Kristi's Korrespondence with Dan Peterson. (None of this should be confused with what follows.)

Normally, I keep all of the Worst on this page. But since this edition of the Worst consists of a rather lengthy examination of James White's doctorate I have thought it best to include on a page of it's own. After you read about James White's degree, you may be interested in knowing what goes into getting a real advanced degree.

About October 17, 1998 "Dr." White wrote to me with some concerns about my honesty and integrity in questioning his Th.D. In case there is anyone who cares to sort through this, I reproduce the correspondence here.

After "Dr." White posted his reply to my comments, another round of correspondence was generated.

And—hopefully—the final round. My reply to "Dr." White, Of James White and the Salt River: Or, "Dr." White Leads an Excursion in the Art of Non-Sequitur and Ad Hominem and in which Piglet Nearly Meets a Hefalump.