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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

This is probably the last edition of the Worst for 1997—what with the holidays coming up and all. So you can amuse yourself with the archive editions or you can check out the Worst mail. Some of it is ugly and, you should be forewarned, not exactly up to the highest of standards in grammar and good taste. So parents, you may want to preview this before you let the kiddies see it. This is, after all, a family site.

Don't forget to vote! It is nearly the end of the year and time for all those year-end lists. The Worst now makes it possible for you to help select the worst five anti-Mormon sites of 1997. Click on the link to participate in the poll. Vote once, vote twice, have a little fun!

Well, the Infrequently Asked Questions can hardly be called "new" anymore. So after this edition they will be relegated to the blue bar.