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FARMS Review of Books 10/2, pp. 203-4
In writing his second review of LDS related Internet web sites (Mormonism on the Internet II), Gregory Taggart, said of SHIELDS:

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Englund links to a number of other satisfying and very well-organized sites that also deal in apologetics.  My favorite is SHIELDS, or Scholarly & Historical Information Exchange for Latter-day Saints ( [emphasis ours].  Click on the [Resources] box, then Critics Corner, and voila!  You will find a hypertext list of ministries that maintain web sites, including John Ankerberg, Alpha & Omega, and Bill McKeever.  As SHIELDS is quick to point out, "links below are not to critics' web sites.  These links are to information and comments about the critics on the SHIELDS web site."

Click on Alpha & Omega and you are treated to the correspondence of William Hamblin, Louis Midgley, Daniel Peterson, and Eugene Seaich with James White, the director of this ministry.  You will also find Ara Norwood's review of White's book, Letters to a Mormon Elder.9   If your tastes run to the Tanners' Utah Lighthouse Ministry, a click will get you a bushel of reviews and a peck of letters, all very interesting.

If you are interested in what's new—and in some cases, what's old but still pertinent today—on the standard works, you might click on Scriptures and Apocryphal for a look at recent writing on the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price.  I will soon be returning to the site to read B. H. Roberts's response to Theodore Schroeder's turn-of-the-century articles on the Spaulding theory.  I have never read it before. Most of the articles on these pages are from FARMS Review of Books.10   You will also find links to articles by Jeff Lindsay, Kerry Shirts, and Mike Parker.

An interesting section and project is SHIELDS' response to appendix B of Walter Martin's book, The Maze of Mormonism.  The appendix consisted of 42 "Unanswered Questions on the Mormon Gospel," according to Stanley Barker of SHIELDS.  Now Barker is working to answer the questions.  Again.  This project may be of interest to the gospel author in search of a publisher.  Barker would apparently appreciate your help.

Another nifty feature of the SHIELDS site is its index of authors.  Functioning much like a bibliography for the site, the index lists each article and letter original to the site.  It would be nice if authors of linked articles were also listed.

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9.  See L. Ara Norwood, review of Letters to a Mormon Elder, by James White, Review of Books on the Book of Mormon 5 (1993): 319; see

10.  FARMS is required by our copyright policy to request a link to our site, rather than sanction copying our documents to other sites.