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The Mormon Curtain

"The Mormon Curtain" is an anti-Mormon blog site.  The curator of the site calls himself "Infymus."  His real name is Michael Hoenie.  The site seems to be a location where critics of the LDS Church can toot their own horns and speak in demeaning and sarcastic ways, both to garner attention to themselves and to draw sympathy.  Intelligent readers can discern such nonsense for exactly what it is, but unfortunately there are those who do not understand the whole picture and can be deceived by these folks.  Trying to keep up with a blog is a full time job in itself.  We shall not attempt to do so, but will post items from time to time that may demonstrate the base prejudices and insecurities of these folks.  Some are college professors and professionals in the media, but speak in taunting and demeaning terms as if they were still were still in grade school.  This alone should demonstrate the level of their abilities.





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