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Dr. Daniel C. Peterson - "Infymus" (Michael Hoenie) Correspondence

Critics of the LDS Church hate Dr. Daniel C. Peterson.  In fact, it seems from looking at certain places on the Internet that many of them have an obsession with Dr. Peterson.  One wonders why the venom from these apostates?  Can it be that they have got him "dead to rights?"  We resoundingly shout NO!  They are not close to telling you about the real Dr. Peterson, a man with incredible humor and kindness.  This we know from firsthand experience with him.  From our experience, critics like to insult and lambaste Dr. Peterson, but think he is mean when he responds to them calling them on their actions.

Such an experience is reproduced below in an exchange wherein Dr. Peterson attempts to get Mr. Hoenie to correct his lie about Dr. Peterson in his The Mormon Curtain internet blog:

We have removed said correspondence due to Mr. Hoenie threatening a law suit. Apparently Mr. Hoenie is ashamed of what he had to say and while he maintains similar correspondence on his website, it appears that like most critics they take actions then are ashamed of them and seeminly the only way to handle it is a law suit.

At a future point we will reconsider what to do with the material of this correspondence.