From: Gary Novak
To: James White
Subject: Re: Letters to a Mormon Elder: Book 2
Date: Saturday, October 17, 1998 1:07 PM

"Dr." White:

You wrote, "That's OK, Mr. Novak. I see I erred in asking you how much real research you did." I would be pleased if you would actually address the issue I raised. That issue is the validity of your CES degree. Please feel free to continue any claification or "meaningful dialogue" on this topic. However, I would be deeply gratified if you would leave all the ugly personal stuff--including the unseemly questioning of my character--out of it.

Finally, you write, "No need, sir." I was worried that I would not be "sir"-ed during this correspondence. I hope you can sense my relief at having finally achieved the sort of polite response from you that is usually reserved for Dr. Midgley, Dr. Peterson or Dr. Hamblin.

For what is it worth, I have added another paragraph to my website explaining that you are in no way responsible for the dreadful "Cults of Christianity" page. I hope that in some small way you can appreciate the gesture.

Yours in Christ,


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