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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

Gee! There is no announcement on the UMI homepage about the big shakeup. "Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web" steps in to help out! The SBC has apparently stopped funding UMI; Mike Reynolds is no longer associated with UMI and may be no longer associated with the SBC; "Dr." John L. Smith is returning to UMI in an attempt to keep the "mission" afloat. If you visit their homepage, Mike Reynolds' email no longer works and Robert McKay does not seem to answer his email these days.

CRI Newswatch. Okay, you will need to scroll past the UFO cultwatch stuff to find the horrible truth of how Mormons "secretly" changed the temple ceremony without so much as a revelation. Sure it's full of inaccuracies. But the important thing is, "It is also known that Mormons were becoming frustrated with the exposes and criticisms of the temple rituals being disseminated by Christian ministries." We lay awake nights worrying about this stuff.

Are Mormons Christian? Come on! you already know the answer. But maybe you need a laugh at the expense of UMI?

Finally a little bit of Walter Martin from the web. First, Does Walter Martin Have a Genuine Doctor's Degree? Of course he does, all you have to do is consult Bear's Guide. Never heard of it? You can find it in the BYU library.

And now you should know something about how "Dr." Walter Martin died. Hamlet couldn't have killed his uncle in a better scene!