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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

I will be on vacation until June 25th. So I am leaving you with an extra long edition of "The Worst" to keep you busy while I am gone. Don't worry, I will be sure to stop by Sandra Tanner's and let her know that her website has a few problems.

I am sure that Paul is convinced of his powerful reasoning, but noticing "at Jerusalem" in the Book of Mormon really doesn't cut it. The quote is, of course, "at Jerusalem which is the land of our forefathers." Here is an answer to this old and persistent chestnut.

Oops! Guess I already provided an answer to this page.

Strictly speaking, this is not an anti-Mormon page. But I really thought that I ought to provide the Fundys with an alternative to the traditional geology.

One of the really funny screwball things that ended up on this page is what Larry did to the TITLE tag. And I am sure that you will want to join in the chat on the Heaven's Gate suicide.

Great grammar at this page. And this hardly begins to get at the stuff that is just plain wrong. Did Emma really want 12-year-old Joseph III to be the next President? Notice any Presidents of the Church missing?

Wow! It's John L. Smith on witnessing to Mormons. Remember to stay on the offensive! John L. Smith has never had a problem being offensive.

Is it any wonder that Larry has trouble getting his story straight with this motley collection of ministries to back him up?

Of course, you will want to access this page to see how Mormons change the rules by redefining words—or not.

Imagine genealogical research for the dead. I guess we should be doing it for the living.

Insomnia? This will solve that.