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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

I simply could not be more excited! I have finally found the homepage for Utah Lighthouse Missions! That's right, Gerald and Sandra Tanner on the web. What should I expect? Lots of bold, lots of underlining, and of course LOTS OF STUFF IN UPPER CASE. But that is just their regular paper publications. Maybe we should expect something entirely different from their website?

Of course, the first thing all Tanner watchers are interested in is the Salt Lake City Mess. So as a service to anti-Mormon watchers everywhere, here is the index page. If anyone cares, taking the "?" off the URL does not help.

Go ahead and try to make sense out of this easy-to-use page.

Here's something that will make your skin crawl. Their order form is not secure. Just tape a "please rip me off" sign on your back.

I think that after sending my credit card over their unsecure server, I should probably ask them for a prayer—or not.

This is a little more Tanneresque. I am so glad it is not 3,914. Imagine changing "did" to "done." Wow, proof of fraud.

And here, to really shake your faith, are photocopies of original Mormon documents—or not.

To be sure there is more stuff on the Utah Lighthouse Missions homepage, but you can find the other few items by yourself. I will try to let Sandra know that there are a few problems. And maybe we can get some web-value-added materials in addition to the Salt Lake City Mess.