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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

So you take the Book of Mormon, rename it The Bible II and you get a site like this. Be sure to read about the litigation over the copyright issue. Anything for a profit, I guess.

Sometimes there is just not enough lithium to go around. But this sort of thing is just the beginning. What follows is a small guided tour of this bizarre site. Keep in mind that all of this claims to be original revelation.

First I think you ought to take a browse at some original work, so here is a "translation" from the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. Feel free to browse through "The Oracles of Mahonri."

Um, the Shulemna is just this side of New Age religiousity.

Okay, how about Hogan's Heros meets Moroni?

Almost finally, you will need the words of admonition and warning. Just in case you haven't got the point yet.

Now I hope you keep in mind that in the introduction, Mike claimed that these revelations were presented to him or recently revealed. I almost hate to point this out, but the Ascension of Isaiah that he presents here is really nothing other than the "The Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah." The translations are slighly different, but you can follow along in James H. Charlesworth, ed., The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, volume 2 (Doubleday, 1985): 156-76.

There's lots of other stuff at Mike's site. If you cannot get enough of the lithium-impaired, this is for you.