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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

Strictly speaking, this is not an anti-Mormon page. And, in its own way, there is nothing inherently obnoxious or even especially poorly designed. But I just could not resist putting it here because a Strangite homepage just seemed incredibly odd.

And this page is not exactly anti-Mormon either. But it makes some very interesting comments about the anti-cult movement and why they insist on labeling Mormon and Adventists as "cults." You will need to scroll down a good two-thirds to the bottom to get to the good stuff.

Here is a stunning piece of anti-Mormon bigotry from the gay community. I just love how all Mormons are unquestioning and controlled from Salt Lake. And all of this is couched in a plea for tolerance of gays. Ironic, no?

More nonsense from the Watchman Expositor. Bad punctuation, incredibly bad argument. For the record, the "philosophical field of logic" has nothing to say about silence presuming agreement. This is a legal distinction and hence exists entirely by convention. Sad that he builds his entire attack on Elder Oaks on this.