Explanation and Disclaimer: Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web asks the question: How come Loftes Tryk is not on the web?

If you are humor-impaired, leave immediately. This is not for the faint-of-heart, the thin-skinned, or especially humorless anti-Mormons. If you are a humorless anti-Mormon, this site is intended to mock you—I am laughing at you.

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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

So you can't get enough of anti-Mormon bigotry and bias? Then you will love Mormonism Sewer of the Universe. Be sure to read the nice, friendly, dispassionate and fair links. I think you will especially enjoy I Saw God Blowing Pot and God Steals His Wife's Cinnamon Toast. This is powerful and influential stuff, sure to make an impact everywhere in Mormondom. And you thought Loftes Tryk was funny.

By the way, the painting of Christ that he ridicules was rendered by a Catholic artist.

If you care to see exactly how the bigotry goes or care to see that there is exactly no shame in it, here is the homepage for WWW.BALAAMS-ASS.COM. What makes it especially funny is that he wants your money!