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Worst of the
Anti-Mormon Web

Sorry for not getting this updated sooner. I had to bust my computer down to get some work done around the house.

Well, I see that CARM has been busy improving at least the look and feel of the pages. Unfortunately, the same old bigoted anti-Mormon trash is still featured. Alas, don't like his page, well, you had better read this before sending email. And no sentimental stuff either—he wants facts. Notice the document title and the grammar problems in the title.

Here's a nice collection of "facts." How many bald assertions about Mormons can you find?

How many times have we seen the opinion that Mormonism is not Christian? Notice how the "cult" word is thrown around.

Now here's a bit of testimonial. Oh, yes, and lots of "facts."

Finally, since CARM is critical of so very many Christian churches, I thought you would enjoy their statement of faith so you know right where they stand on the important issues.