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Worst of the
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Did you just come here from "Dr." James White's website? Are you wondering what I actually wrote about "Dr." White? Did you think it odd that he did not link to those materials in his reply? Why not read the actual materials?

Presenting the Original August 5, 1997 Worst

Let's pretend for a moment. You are really angry, even hostile towards the Church. You simply cannot stand Mormonism, Mormons, the Book of Mormon, or anything having to do with Mormons. And, of course, you know that Mormons are simply incapable of saying what they mean, or better, are simply liars. Then you read an interview with President Hinckley in the paper. Are you mad? Aggressive? What to do? What to do? Ah, ha! You simply engage in some crude mind reading. This seems to provide more circumstantial confirmation of Novak's Rule Number 1 of Anti-Mormonism: When becoming an anti-Mormon, expect your IQ to drop at least 85 points. Or, to put it a little more succinctly: God strikes you stupid.

Before I sent you off to this next site, a couple of comments. The first came from a friend who, on reading of Ed Decker's condition said, "Can't the Danites do anything right?" Second, I am also inclined to see the hand of God in this, but not for the same reasons that Jason Decker does. Do we really need a God Makers III? This is getting pretty close to the Halloween series in 1) number of bad movies and 2) frequently recurring bad plots. Here is the Saints Alive Newsletter for June and July. I especially enjoyed the witnessing at the Manti Pageant.