KRHR Radio


You Are My Sunstone

Sung to the tune of
"You Are My Sunshine"

You are my Sunstone, my only Sunstone.
You make me glad I'm a dissident.
You'll never know just how much your papers
Soothe my feelings of malcontent.

The Hierarchy has so long abused me
And so I come here each year to speak
At the Park Hotel, in Salt Lake City,
Far from my troubles for half a week.

The other night, friends, while I lay sleeping,
I dreamed of Mother in the Sky.
She said, "I know, dear, you're disappointed
In the Restored Church, and so am I."

Keep up the good work, my lovely Sunstone.
Protect my right to disagree
With the Church leaders and the commandments
That the Lord has sent down to plague me.