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Ask Them For Some Evidence

Sung to the tune of
"Try A Little Tenderness"

The lyrics of this tune were written to address the frustration that certain members of an e-mail list-serve, called SKINNY, felt when they participated on another e-mail list devoted to the memory of the late "Dr." Walter Martin.  The term "Martian" was coined to express their feelings about the "space cadet" logic of most of the participants on that list.

You may feel weary
Skinnyites do get weary
Reading each Martian’s address
But if you’re weary
Ask them for some evidence

I know you’re waiting
Yes, anticipating,
Logic they’ll never possess
So while you’re waiting
Ask them for their evidence

It’s not just mean and nasty
Though they’ll whine that you’re unfair
For their endless obfuscations
Are impossible to bear

You won’t regret it
Though you’ll never get it
Insults instead they’ll dispense
While they’re reviling
Ask them for some evidence