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"Mormon Soldier Killed in Iraq"

This little item was brought to our attention.  It is another example of the bitterness that some folks who have left The Church of Jesus Christ display in public and in their actions.  Particularly pay attention to the ending comment...  Isn't that cute?  LOL is an acronym for Laughing Out Loud.  TBM is an acronym for True/Temple Blue/Believing Mormon (depending on who you talk to).  Some people apparently just have nothing better to do with their pitiful lives.  The hoax should be prefaced by this prophetic statement:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, wo be unto him that lieth to deceive because he supposeth that another lieth to deceive, for such are not exempt from the justice of God."  (D&C 10:28)

Subject: Need help with an urban legend
Date: Jan 12 15:13
Author: Jack
Mail Address:
Has anyone heard this urban legend. A mormon [sic] soldier in Iraq was shot dead in a gunfight. After the gunfight, a little afghan boy noticed something
sticking out of his uniform. It was the Book of Mormon. The little boy
picked it up out of curiosity and took it home and his family read it. AFter [sic]
the family finished reading it, the holy ghost bore witness to them and they
all wanted to get baptized. Unfortunately, they didn't know how to contact
the missionaries. They traveled thousands of miles to the nearest town with
mormon [sic] missionaries. After several days and some help from the locals they were able to track down the missionaries. Fortunately one of the
missionaries knew the Iraqi language and was able to communicate with them.
The family told the story of finding the Book of Mormon, reading it every
night as a family, and praying together. They all received witness from the
holy ghost that it was true and wanted to be baptized. The missionaries
scheduled a date and then the Iraqi speaking missionary spoke up. "I am
confused," he said in Iraqi, "Do any of you speak English?" They all shook
their heads inticated [sic] that they didn't. "Then how did you read this?" the
missionary asked, "It is an English Book of Mormon." At first the
missionaries thought it was a hoax, but the family members were all able to
recite stories from the book of mormon [sic] accurately. There was no doubt they had read the book without knowing how to read English. The only explanation was God gave this family the gift of tongues. The story gets more
interesting. The family was baptised [sic] by the brother of the mormon [sic] killed in Iraq. They discoverd [sic] this later. The Iraq family now believes his brother died so they could find the gospel.
Does this sound familiar. If not, it's because I made it up. LOL. How does
it sound? Do you think TBMs will buy it? I am going to mass email it to a
bunch of TBMs and see if it spreads.