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"Rev. Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham,
Comments on Exemplary Work for
Hurricane Katrina's Survivors

Updated 22 April 2008

We have been flooded with e-mails inquiring about supposed comments by the Rev. Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, on the Good Morning America show which aired on September 16, 2005.  An example of the supposed conversation is below, followed by our response:

A Typical Message:

(From: and To: have been deleted)

Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 11:59 AM

Subject: Fw: Rev. Graham speaks about the LDS Church

This was just sent to me from a friend...

I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they spoke with Rev. Frank Graham (son of Billy Graham), who is currently in Houston.  He spoke of the desperation and devastation that is the "new" way of life in and around New Orleans, but he also had a different message for the country.

He told the media that there are many churches in the Houston area, indeed, all around America that have reached out to help the victims, but he said that the members of The LDS church are truly amazing.  He stated (that)..."those people are truly a charity driven people.  In the scriptures, charity is defined as the pure love of Christ."  He went on to remark how the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have adopted individuals and families in the Astrodome and are helping them to find missing members of their families. They are keeping touch with their designated person or family on a daily basis, making sure the children are enrolled in and can get to school, taking them to Wal-mart and other retailers to purchase clothing and other necessities, and are taking people to job fairs and interviews to assist them in gaining employment. He stated that he has never seen such a love for complete strangers. This has even brought inactive members, according to Graham, "...out of their homes and back to the church because they want to help and they know that the church will be there, organizing and moving to assist those who have nothing, to remember that they truly are something."

He ended with a personal opinion that anyone in the Houston area who is an evacuee from New Orleans, who says they haven't been "taken care of" or "seen after", has only themselves to blame for refusing the assistance of the amazing LDS population who are volunteering without so much as asking for anything in return for their efforts.  What a pleasure to be part of such an elect and honored group of people, one might even go so far as to say "Chosen".


There is no doubt that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are diligently assisting survivors of both 2005 hurricanes, Katrina and Rita.  However, the alleged comments of Franklin Graham provided in the message above never took place, either on Good Morning America, or anywhere else of which we are aware.  A transcriptof the Franklin Graham segment of the September 16, 2005 Good Morning America can be read by clicking here. [The link is no longer available. Our comments regarding this incident will have to be trusted or ignored.]

We LDS should never start such rumors!  The Lord knows our works and has a hand in them.  We at SHIELDS have no idea of the source for this rumor.