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Elder Eyring's Broken Bone and
Other Medical Issues

Posted:  19 Apr 2008

Individuals have been passing the following item around, believing that it tells a miraculous story about Pres. Eyring.  As with all faith promoting stories, we are encourage to NOT pass them around.  Private experiences are just that, private.  We have confirmed that the first paragraph is correct, however the balance of the story is rumor. Pres. Eyring has chosen to not comment on the balance of the story.  We have found that certain elements of "the rest of the story" are not true, which leaves in question much more of it.  It is not true, for example, that recovery from a pacemaker implant is a long recovery period.  The story has been embellished and we have heard two different versions of how he got a broken bone.  In the one case Elder Eyring slipped on ice and broke his ankle and in this story he woke up, out of bed, with his leg twisted under him.

We strongly refer you to the letter from the First Presidency regarding stories such as this.  A version of the story follows (note that once again, the name of the originator is missing):

Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 19:16:19 
This note came from a nephew of Elder Scott's.  
 Subject: FW: Interesting
Last night in the Priesthood Session of the Mormon (LDS) Conference, Elder Henry B. Eyring was speaking (among other things) about how the Lord will strengthen you and uphold you as you serve Him.  He talked about how when you do the Lords work you qualify for the Lords blessings.  Then he specifically mentioned that as you serve, angels will support you.  During this time he got a little choked up, and you could tell there was context behind those words.  A few weeks ago when Elder Eyring was at home, he suddenly found himself waking up on the floor, with his leg twisted under him.  He went to work, but soon realized he needed to have his leg checked.  When he did, he found out it was broken (which is why he's currently using a cane, in case you wondered).
But then as the days went by, he continued to have times where he'd suddenly lose consciousness and he felt very weak.  He was frustrated because he felt helpless.  Newly appointed as the First Counselor to President Monson, he just wanted to serve.  He got in to see the doctor, and had some tests done, and went back to work.  Soon the results came in, and the doctor told him he had to come back to the hospital immediately.
Come to find out, his heart would periodically just stop.   So last Tuesday, he had a pacemaker put in.  Last Tuesday.  I don't know if you've known anyone who's had that happen, but it's a serious surgery, with an extended recovery time. He got a blessing from President Monson, wherein he was told that angels would support him.  The next day - Wednesday, he attended the meeting with the General Authorities in the temple.  Thursday, he participated in the General Authority training.  Then today (Saturday), he stood up, looking as magnified and healthy as ever, and delivered a powerful address on trusting in God as you serve with all your heart.
He's living testimony of his own words (as he so testified).

Nephi said it well, when he said (1 Nephi 1:20):
I Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.
How marvelous it is to be led by men of such faith, of such commitment, and of such stature.