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Palmyra Project



Palmyra Project

This page will identify the process and areas of work needed.  If you would like to undertake specific types of tasks, please e-mail Stan Barker stating your desires and abilities to help.  I have already identified a number of items that are in various stages of preparation.  The list will be available to volunteers.

Accuracy is of prime importance.  Proper formatting follows.  Critics need not apply.

Tasks to be completed:

1. Identify items to be converted into electronic format
2. Convert printed material into electronic format, either by typing or scanning.
3. Compare original printed material to electronic version (down to the finitest detail, including commas and periods).
4. Convert electronic files into both .html and Adobe. pdf formats and made to look just like the original in .pdf format.

Task types:

1.  Create Palmyra Project items list (or add to current list)
2.  Typists (to electronic format)
3.  Scanners (to electronic format)
4.  Proofreaders (compare electronic to original printed version)
5.  Formatters (this means to look like the original)
6.  Conversion to .html format
7.  Conversion to Adobe .pdf format (occurs after appropriate previous items have been completed)

Some of these items can be combined into one.  Such as, if one has a scanner and also the full version of Adobe Acrobat, then a document can be scanned into Adobe Acrobat and then simply proof checked and corrected.

Additionally, we have other items that are not part of the Palmyra Project that we need help on for the SHIELDS web site.  If you would like to type into electronic format (items may not be scannable), or do proof reading, please let us know.