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The text of the letter located in the right column was taken from Richard Lloyd Anderson, Joseph Smith's New England Heritage, 124-129.

Asael Smith
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you live.  See God's providence in the appointment of the Federal Constitution, and hold union and order as a precious jewel.  And for the Church of Christ:  neither set her above her husband nor below her children; give her that honor, obedience and respect that is her due.  And if you will be my children and heirs of my comfort in my dying age, be neither another's nor factious of any party or faction or novelty.  It is true, this is not a rising way, but it is a free, fair, comfortable way for a man to follow his own judgment without wavering to either hand.  I make no doubt but you will hear divers opinions concerning me, both before and after I shall sleep in silence; but do not be troubled at that.  I did what in my circumstances seemed best for me for the present; however, the event hath not in some points answered my expectation.  Yet I have learned to measure things by another rule than events and satisfy myself in this, that I did all for the best as I thought.  And if I had not so much foresight as some others, I cannot help it.

Sure I am my Savior, Christ, is perfect, and never will fail in one circumstance. To him I commit your souls, bodies, estates, names, characters, lives, deaths