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The text of the letter located in the right column was taken from Richard Lloyd Anderson, Joseph Smith's New England Heritage, 124-129.

Asael Smith
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so great that he cannot save him.  But mind that you admit no others as evidences but the two that God hath appointed, viz., scripture and sound reason.  And if these two witness that you are one whit better by nature than the worst heathen in the darkest corner of the deserts of Arabia, then conclude that God hath been partial towards you and hath furnished you with a better nature than others; and that consequently, he is not just to all mankind.  But if these two witnesses testify to you that God is just to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works; then believe them.  And if you can believe that Christ [came] to save sinners and not the righteous Pharisees or self-righteous; that sinners must be saved by the righteousness of Christ alone, without mixing any of their own righteousness with his, then you will see that he can as well save all as any.  And there is no respect of persons with God, who will have all mankind to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth,