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The text of the letter located in the right column was taken from Richard Lloyd Anderson, Joseph Smith's New England Heritage, 124-129.

Asael Smith
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A few words of advice which I Leave to you my Dear wife and children, whom I expect ere long to leave:

My Dear Selfs,

I know not what leisure I shall have at the hour of my death to speak unto you, and as you all know that I am not free in speech, especially when sick or sad; and therefore now [d]o speak my heart to you, and would wish you to hear me speaking to you as long as you live (when my tongue shall be mouldered to dust in the silent tomb) in this my writing, which I divide among you all.

And first to you, my dear wife, I do with all the strength and powers that is in me, thank you for your kindness and faithfulness to me, beseeching God, who is the husband of the widow, to take care of you and not to leave you nor forsake you, nor never suffer you to leave nor forsake him nor his [way]s.  Put your whole trust solely [in him.  He neve]r did nor never will forsake