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NOTE:  SHIELDS is no longer formally associated with FAIR.

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LDS APOLOGETIC ORGANIZATIONS ANNOUNCE MERGER, RESTRUCTURING SACRAMENTO, Calif., January 4, 2001 Ė The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR), a non-profit, apologetics organization that addresses criticism of the doctrines, practices and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, today announced a major restructuring of itís board of directors as well as a important merger with another well-known apologetics organization, the Scholarly and Historical Information Exchange for Latter-day Saints, (SHIELDS).

FAIR reduced its board of directors from ten members to five, and appointed John Lynch as Chairman of the Board. Lynch replaces former chairman Darryl Barksdale, one of the founding members of FAIR, who resigned his board seat and his position as President of FAIR.  Stan Barker, co-founder of SHIELDS, will fill the board vacancy created by the departure of Barksdale.  Scott Gordon was named as President of FAIR with primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the organization.  Steve Hurst was appointed as Treasurer, and Secretary.

In voting for the merger, the respective boards of FAIR and SHIELDS felt they were adding strength to the concept and mission for which these two previously separate organizations existed and believe that the two organizations complement each other extremely well.  Both web sites will remain for now with only slight modifications and possible future integration planned.

"This is a major development," stated John Lynch, FAIRís new Chairman.  "FAIR has some ambitious future aspirations.  We see ourselves as a clearinghouse of reliable information where members and others can turn for well-researched, easily understandable information."  The addition of SHIELDSí talent and insight is expected to help the growth of FAIR.  Gordon is a proven administrator and Steve Hurst has a strong financial background and was instrumental in helping FAIR receive tax-exempt status from the IRS. "FAIR has a great mission," stated Stan Barker, FAIRís newest board member.  "FAIR has the potential to be a gathering point for LDS apologetic information.  I am confident that FAIR will do much to advance the standing of the LDS church in the eyes of the world and its critics."

"This is a key moment for our growing organization," added Scott Gordon, FAIRís new president and CEO.  "We are poised for significant growth and as new volunteers join our ranks, we need to take advantage of these individualís talents.  This restructuring is an important first step, and I am pleased I have the confidence of the board to help manage this growth."  The new board of directors of FAIR is comprised of John Lynch, Chairman, Tom Hickey, Julianne Reynolds, Stephen Marsh, and Stan Barker.  SHIELDS co-founder Eugene I. Humbert will serve as webmaster, and will oversee the content and eventual integration both sites.  Malin L. Jacobs of SHIELDS, will serve as Vice President of Research.  Also staying in the research department are Kerry Shirts, Book of Abraham specialist, and D. Charles Pyle.  The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research is a not-for-profit organization that addresses charges leveled at the doctrines, practices and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Incorporated in New York, its primary headquarters is in Felton, California.  FAIR currently has over 1000 members and has published five major apologetic works.  The FAIR web site is located at:

SHIELDS was founded by Doug Marshall & Doug Yancey, in Georgia during the early 90's.  While never a formal organization, SHIELDS has built a solid reputation for defending the LDS church and providing solid, truthful information.  Shields can be accessed at:

Individuals wishing to contact FAIR can send e-mail to, or can write to:

Scott Gordon
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Felton CA 95018



Lance Starr
Media Relations Manager
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Stan Barker
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