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The costs of keeping SHIELDS on the Internet have been paid primarily by the three owners, Stan Barker, Gene Humbert, and Malin Jacobs  We have received some donations to help offset our annual costs and we wish to extend a special thank-you to those who were able to help.

We have ongoing needs in the form of research material and a photocopier (see the list below).  At this time, we particularly need a decent home/office photocopier that won't be expensive to operate or maintain!  If any of our readers can help in these areas we will appreciate whatever they feel they can donate.  Please contact Stan Barker if you wish to contribute.

Research center:
In the future we hope to have a permanent location from which to operate.  We envision the location as a research center.  If you are interested in helping to fund this project, please contact us at the e-mail address above. 

Guidelines for Accepting Contributions:

1. We are not a tax exempt organization, hence donations will not have any tax benefits to the individual or organization.
2. All donations must be anonymous as far as the public is concerned (you must do it because you believe in what SHIELDS is doing and want no glory for your financial assistance).
3. All donations must have no strings attached.  We will continue to run SHIELDS as we always have (to the best of our ability and honestly).
4. We reserve the right to refuse a donation from anyone or any organization.

Violations of SHIELDS privacy may result in refusal of future donations.

Thank you,
Stan Barker
Gene Humbert
Malin Jacobs

Items needed:

  • A good photocopier (efficient to operate) or finances to buy one.
  • Mormonism, Shadow or Reality, (current and older editions, as well as an electronic edition)
  • Strong's Concordance (latest edition)
  • Collected Discourses, Vols. 3-5 (and index if there is one)
  • By Study and also by Faith, Vol. 2
  • Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 7 - Acquired.
  • Brigham Young Addresses, Elden Watson, (need vols 1-5, 7)
  • 2 copies: Biblical Archaeology Society CD-ROM containing the articles from all the issues of BAR from 1975 to 2000.  Cost: $125 ea.