Defending The Faith - LDS Polemics Conference

Third Annual Conference
held in historic Salt Lake City, Utah
October 17 & 18, 1997

Conference Program


As papers become available they will be linked to from the tables below

1st Day - Morning Papers

Craig Ray "First Vision"
Beverly Both "Dead Sea Scrolls"


1st Day - Afternoon Papers

Steve Mayfield Confessions of "The Mormon Spy"
Matt Roper Tannerisms, "The Great and Specious Argument"


2nd Day - Morning Papers

Stan Barker SHIELDS
Malin Jacobs "The Mormon Murders" 
An Example of Anti-Mormon Scholarship
George Throckmorton Hoffman Revisited


2nd Day - Afternoon Papers

Rodger Gunn Title forthcoming
John A. Tvedtnes Ancient Support for Restoration Scriptures
Van Hale Using non-Mormon references to defend Mormonism
a change from the scheduled subject)

Conference Photographs  (It will take a little time to download the photos.  Please be patient.)