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Rev. John L. Smith Retires
(just like Ed Decker: not really retired)

Dateline Jan 2000:
The following announcement just in, confirmed via e-mail from Dennis Wright of Utah Missions, Inc.:

John L. Smith Retires

John L. Smith has given almost half a century to this work that he founded in Utah in the early 1950s where he was a Southern Baptist pastor.  Now he is retiring from his active leadership role at UMI Ministries. 

At their annual Board Meeting in January, our Board of Trustees formally voted to change the title of John L. Smith to that of Founder/ Director Emeritus, and voted that "he shall serve as a consultant to UMI Ministries at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees."  John L will still maintain his office here in our building and is being encouraged to maintain an active speaking and writing ministry to promote UMI, raise funds, and assist the ministry to achieve its purpose. 

One project that we are encouraging John L to finish is his book on the life of Sidney Rigdon, whom John L believes had an active role in the writing of the Book of Mormon.
This project will take a considerable amount of his time and energy as it promises to be a massive undertaking.  The Trustees have voted John L a monthly stipend for consulting fees, as well as a travel allowance that will help him in this undertaking. 

A Special Projects Fund has been established wherein we are encouraging our readers and supporters to make a generous contribution in honor of John L's many decades of faithful service to the Cause.  Initially, the Trustees, who will also involve themselves in an active way with fundraising for the ministry, approved a remodeling project to be paid for by the Special Projects Fund. 

Day-to-day operations have been placed in the hands of the President, who now is directly responsible to the Board of Trustees.