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Having been rejected for ordination to the Presbyterian ministry because of his ideas, Matthew J. Slick created a web site to promote himself.  He says:

    I am Reformed in theology and believe in the continuation of the spiritual gifts which is why my denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, has refused my ordination; they are cessationist.

Mr. Slick has placed his views of Mormonism on the Internet.  He has challenged:

    Now, before you go slamming me with some irate e-mail telling me I don’t know what I am talking about, first read my material on my site, and if I am wrong, correct me by showing precisely where I am wrong.  Document the sources you want to quote to prove me wrong.  If you do, I’ll change my page. [emphasis mine - SDB]

He also tells us "The web site is very well documented...."  Yet all we find there are rehashes of old anti-Mormon material.  Mr. Slick has fallen into the same unethical sloppiness that can be found among most critics of the LDS Church, i.e., he quotes word for word from some other anti-Mormon, but fails to give credit to the original source.  (We'll concede the possibility that he simply doesn't know the origin of some of these statements and merely chooses to repeat them.)  An excellent example of this practice can be found in the final question responded to by John A. Tvedtnes, in the article listed below.  This question came, word for word, from Bob Witte and can be found on our 42 Questions section, Question 36.

Whether or not Mr. Slick will "change [his] page" as he claims, remains to be seen.  We suspect that, as with most critics who have made this claim, nothing will happen.  We hope we are proven wrong.  It would be a nice change.  Other issues raised by Mr. Slick will be addressed further at a later date.


Response to Questions from The Christian and Apologetics Ministry, by John A. Tvedtnes



Wade Englund has prepared a "mirrored" response to Matt Slick's web site, responding to numerous issues.  It can be found at:  MORMONISM