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Ex-Mormons & Christian Alliance Ministries

Richard (Dick) Baer  (for a picture, click here)
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Dick Baer is aligned with E.M.C.A.  We have requested information from Mr. Baer about himself and his ministry.  Though we have exchanged several e-mails with him, he remains silent on this issue.

Mr. Baer was informed in advance that we were about to place his letter to "Family and Friends" on our site, as well as FARMS Associate Director of Research, John Tvedtnes' response.  How Mr. Baer came to be a critic of the LDS Church is only partially discussed in his letter.  For further information see Robert and Rosemary Brown's They Lie in Wait to Deceive, Vol. 4.


Letter to Family & Friends (Baer's reasons for leaving the LDS Church)
A Reply to Dick Baer - John A. Tvedtnes (FARMS Associate Director of Research)