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Nehor Award*
Dissident LDS

This award is given for the most outrageous anti-Mormon statement by a dissident LDS member.

The statement can be from any time period as long as the person was a member of the LDS Church at the time of the statement.  Statements of former dissidents, made after losing LDS Church membership, will be considered for the Doctor Philastus Hurlbut Award.  Previous winning statements are ineligible.

All nominations submitted must include:

1. The quote.
2. The author.
3. A complete reference.
4. Submitter's name.

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2002 Nominations

Nomination #1:


*Nehor was a character in the Book of Mormon.  Of Nehor it is said:

He would save all men in their sins and with their sins; he abolished hell, established a paid order of priests, and taught doctrines so liberal that every man could be a member of his church and yet continue to gratify every vice his nature inclined to.  (George Reynolds, A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon, [Jos. Hyrum Parry, Salt Lake City:1891]:266)