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Answers to Book of Mormon Questions, by Dr. Sidney B. Sperry (in Adobe .pdf format)  For a complete zipped .pdf version, click here (individual files).

Defending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - A Reference Guide, by Wayne D. Arnett.
  • An excellent resource for dealing with critics and criticisms of the Church.
  • Co-published by SHIELDS and FAIR.
  • Read the entire "Guide" in Adobe .pdf format -- NOTE:  Very large file.  Expect a blank page while downloading)
  • Announcement sheet:  in Adobe .pdf format.
  • Now available at Deseret Book stores.
Printed copies of the "Guide" can be purchased online at the FAIR bookstore or directly from SHIELDS, at: $4.95+$1.05 for shipping costs (add .25 S&H for each additional copy).

Utah residents pay 6.35% sales tax.

Guatamalan Petroglyphs, The, The Nephite Story or From Whence Came The Aztecs by James W. LeSueur (.jpg cover, .pdf cover, .pdf format)  Electronic version copyrighted 2002 by SHIELDS.

Metal Record Plates in Ancient Times by Ariel L. Crowley (booklet - 1947) (.html) (searchable Adobe .pdf - 1.96Mb) Color cover (.jpg).  Provided by Stan Barker.  Electronic version copyright 2002 by SHIELDS

Mormonism and Masonry, by E. Cecil McGavin (in Adobe .pdf format)

My First Mission, Book One of the Faith Promoting Series.  Electronic version copyrighted 2002 by SHIELDS.

The Relationship of Mormonism and Masonry, by Pres. Anthony W. Ivins (in Adobe .pdf format)

The Polygamy Story: Fiction and Fact, by J. Max Anderson

Works in progress:

Joseph Smith as a Translator by R. C. Webb (J. C. Homans)

and more to come