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Before You Write To Us:
10+ Points to Consider
(please note the form for correspondence at the bottom)

We frequently receive communications from people who are no doubt sincere.  They generally wish to point out to us all of the things about the "evil cult of Mormonism" that they feel we know nothing about.  Please take note of the following points:

  1. We are not young kids embarking on some exciting internet adventure.
  2. We are all older men.
  3. We have seen virtually every argument that you can think of (read our bios).
  4. It is our experience that we have read more anti-Mormon literature than most of the people who write to us.
  5. Before you expend your time and waste ours, take the time to read the many responses to issues on this site.  In most, if not all cases, when critics raised issues, they believed them to be unanswerable.
  6. Take the time to see if you can formulate arguments to demolish the responses posted on this site.  If you cannot, it may be time to reconsider the strength of your own position, or your own "unanswerable issue."  Consider that many additional questions have been answered which are still going through our editorial process.
  7. We don't take kindly to insults, any more than you would.  Remember the Golden Rule.
  8. We welcome sincere inquiries, but are simply not interested in wasting our time in argument and debate.
  9. If you wonder why more isn't done, consider that we do this in our spare time.  We have families, jobs, Church responsibilities, and other interests.  We do not have financial support to do this full time; hence no "paid ministry."  If you wish to see us "get on with it," then be willing to "step up to the plate" and fund us in such a way that we can spend more time at it or do it full time.  Otherwise, don't criticize.
  10. We each have a personal witness of the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ and Him risen and affirm such.  We each have a personal relationship with Him as well.  We believe in and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer.
  11. We do not believe in or accept "cheap grace;" it is not Biblical.
  12. Your e-mail may be used as an example on the SHIELDS web site.  You specifically relinquish all rights to privacy and copyright by filling out our form.  NOTE:  Sincere seekers of truth rarely have their e-mails posted on the SHIELDS web site, unless they provide an excellent discussion of some issue.  In those cases, requests for privacy will be considered.

We hope that these comments will help people realize that when they write to us in attack mode, insult mode, etc., that we do not feel compelled to respond.  We are interested in bringing people to a true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Kingdom, restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith in these last days.  Lastly, if you can't write to us with a Christ-like spirit, then don't write.

We require that the following form be filled out prior to corresponding with us There are far too many "Christians" who write to us under the guise of sincerity, who are really only trying to "pick a fight."  Therefore, correspondence that is not preceded with the following form filled out will not be considered (please also note that you will be required to respond to an email that will be sent to you to verify that you are a real human. Simply follow the instructions at the beginning of the email, i.e., just click on reply in your email program, without doing anything else and you will be verified. If you do not do this, we will not receive your message):

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Peace unto all,