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Eugene I. Humbert
Strasburg, CO

Brother Humbert first became interested in religion at the age of nine.  He attended many churches, searching diligently for the closeness to God that he felt was possible.  It wasn't until he was stationed at Luke Air Force Base, AZ, that he finally found his answer.

While dating a girl who was a member of the LDS faith, Brother Humbert was introduced to the Restored Gospel by missionaries who had been invited over by her family.  Following a transfer to Viet Nam, he pursued his brief contact with the Church and learned more of the beliefs and history of the "Mormons."

When he returned to the States in 1967, Brother Humbert actively sought out the Church missionaries, asked to be given the lessons, and ultimately was baptized.  Unfortunately, like many new converts, Brother Humbert soon fell into inactivity, having found the faith, but having acquired only the beginnings of a testimony.  He remained inactive through two marriages and a move to Colorado, where a persistent home teacher simply would not give up on him.

In 1990, Brother Humbert threw away his cigarettes, settled down, and accepted a church calling, surprisingly, as Branch Mission Leader over the Commerce City Colorado Branch.  He held this calling for seventeen months and then was asked to become the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency.  Since then, he has served as First Counselor in the Branch Presidency, Elders Quorum President, High Priest Group Leader, and once again, First Counselor to the Branch President.

Mr. Humbert served seven years in the United States Air Force, worked as a cook in a seafood restaurant, drove trucks, worked as a disc jockey, and, for the past twenty five years, worked for a local telephone carrier.

Mr. Humbert holds a first-class radiotelephone license and has been an active participant in the cyber revolution that has taken place during the last twenty years.  He held a part-time job as the technical manager of a local computer store in the early '80's, has served as departmental computerist for his company, and for the past twelve years, has worked as a network analyst, specializing in things internet.  Lately, Mr. Humbert has taken an intense interest in designing and developing web pages, both for his employer and for personal matters.

Gene's interests, both professional and personal, revolve around computers.  He designs, builds, and troubleshoots systems as a hobby, and is called upon by friends and members of his branch to help set up, configure, and tune all types of personal computers.  He has an intense interest in reading about religion and politics, matters best left out of polite society.