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42 Questions


Question 25

There isn't a single LDS-produced standard work that hasn't undergone hundreds and even thousands of changes, additions, deletions, and corrections, many of which are much more than "typographical" in nature, and all of which were done without indications or acknowledgement of the actions taken.  Even granting Joseph the "right" to revise what God had told him before (even though it is difficult to do so when we are talking about cases involving historical facts), why is there the deception associated with these changes?  None of the dates are moved up to the time that the revelations were revised, there is not a single heading in the Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price, or Book of Mormon that indicates a revision, nor is it acknowledged openly by the Church leaders that there were such changes made.  Some Church leaders have even lied in public about these situations.  Why?