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Question 19
United Order

Doctrine and Covenants 104:1 has Jesus saying that the United Order was an everlasting order until "I come," yet the United Order failed and has been disbanded, and the Lord hasn't come yet. Why?

Response: by John A. Tvedtnes

That verse specifically characterizes Christ's words as "a commandment," not a prophecy.  In verse 3, the Lord acknowledges that those who entered into the order "were not faithful they were nigh unto cursing," and in verse 4 he says that "inasmuch as some of my servants have not kept the commandment, but have broken the covenant through covetousness, and with feigned words, I have cursed them with a very sore and grievous curse."  Because some of the Saints were not obedient to the commandment, they were cursed by being removed from their lands in Jackson County, Missouri, as the Lord explained in another revelation contained in D&C 101.