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These "42 Questions" are located in Appendix B of Walter Martin's The Maze of Mormonism.  Originally there were 42 questions; in later editions of the book the number of questions was reduced to 41.  They were written by Bob Witte and have appeared in numerous publications critical of the LDS Church.

Walter Martin alleged that the LDS church could not answer the charges he made against it.  While we are not the LDS Church, we feel the responses we have provided more than sufficiently answer the specific issues.

When Stan Barker contacted Gospel Light Publishers (then publishers for The Maze of Mormonism) asking for permission to quote the questions in Appendix B verbatim in order to respond to them, he was told they would check with Martin.  Mr. Barker was later surprised to be refused permission.  He asked for a letter of refusal (click here to view letter).  He then contacted Walter Martin's Christian Research Institute, Inc. (CRI).  Martin refused to talk to Mr. Barker, but had one of his staff tell him that since he was not an official of the church he would not give permission.  Based on this refusal and given that undoubtedly Martin knew the LDS church as an institution would ignore him, Mr. Barker believes Martin didn't want anyone to answer the questions.  See They Lie In Wait To Deceive, Vols. 2 and 3, by Robert & Rosemary Brown, for further information on Walter Martin.

It should be noted that Appendix B is titled "Unanswered Questions on the Mormon Gospel" (emphasis ours). In the New Testament Timothy said, "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes."(2 Tim 2:23)  As you read the responses to these questions, you will see the foolishness of not only the Appendix title, but the foolishness of the questions themselves.  Additionally, when appropriate, each question will contain a reference(s) to the earliest known discussion(s) of the issue by the LDS.  If you know of an earlier or additional discussions on any of these issues, we would appreciate receiving mail informing us of it. The new information will be updated in the appropriate page.

Information for these questions has been gathered from many sources.  We solicit your help.  Any information you submit may duplicate material already in the possession of SHIELDS.  If we use your unique information, proper credit will be given.